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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Liberia's History - The Bong Mining Company

I have just recently found a video of how the Bong Mining Company and Bong Town came into existence. It is very interesting to me to see how this all came about, especially now seeing how destroyed the whole infrastructure is and how they are scrapping the entire facility. Its almost like the end of an era. Fifty years after it all began it now seems to be reverting back to where it started, this time leaving giant gaping holes of what used to be the Bong Range. The Bong Range, or what is left of it is, even to this day, a very magnificent view over parts of Liberia. Enjoy experiencing part of Liberia's history with this great documentary that must have been pulled from the archives somewhere in Germany. Its a classic!

The Indian company, Mittel Steel, has just signed an enormous $1bn contract with the Government of Liberia to begin mining operations in the Yekepah/Mt. Nimba regions of the country, near the Guinea/Cote d'Ivoire borders. If this is the construction project that went into the Bong Range area in the 1950s, just imagine the possibilities that this country has once the infrastructure up in Yekepah is restored to operational capacity.

I've included the Bong Mining Company Video on the sidebar on the right under the heading 'Video Links'.

For additional information on the Bong Mining Company and Bong Town please see the Bong Town Website.

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