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I know not which is most profitable to me, health or sickness, wealth or poverty, nor anything else in the world. That discernment is beyond the power of men or angels, and is hidden among the secrets of your Providence, which I adore, but do not seek to fathom. ~ a prayer by Blaise Pascal

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gareth, Scarred for Life

The last little story that I need to mention is pretty disturbing and something that I would never wish on myself or anybody else. Gareth ran upon quite the party at the Thai restaurant that changed his life forever. Who would ever expect to see a bunch of Asian guys dressed up as women celebrating a “Thai holiday.” That sounds to me like a bad excuse to dress up as a woman. Gareth and the guy he was with ended up getting free food and whatnot. I think the Thai girly-men did that just to make sure that their customers wouldn’t run away. I have just included a picture for your entertainment. And who says Liberia isn’t interesting at times?

Tribute to Kaitrin

Well, one more expat has now left the building. Kaitrin Both, the quirky Australlian who Ryan thought didn't like him when they first met, is the next one who is leaving. She's leaving World Vision and Liberia for the greener grass in Australia. We've had the priviledge to share some fun times with Kaitrin whether it was taking picture around Monrovia, fish fries at the World Relief house, or those many buffets at the Royal Hotel. Like i said in a previous post, there are some people who you know you'll want to keep in touch with and some who will probably just slip through the cracks. I think Kaitrin's quirkiness definately fits in the lattice somewhere. I'll miss hearing her say "I know..." in her Australian accent which actually sounds like "I knoy." We all had our final buffet with Kaitrin at the Royal today and now she's inbetween the Royal Hotel, her apartment, and the airport. Bon voyage Kaitrin!